What is the primary function of the Liquor Control Board?

The most important function of the Harford County Liquor Control Board is to administer and enforce the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Laws as contained in the Alcoholic Beverages (AB) Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and the Board Rules and Regulations as prepared and adopted by the Liquor Control Board of Harford County, with particular emphasis on making certain that alcohol is kept out of the hands of underage persons.

What are the Applicant Qualifications necessary to apply for an alcoholic beveage license?

There are multiple qualifcations that must be met, which can vary according to how application is made.

At least one applicant who will be primarily responsible for the day-to-day operation of the licensed business.  This means the applicant will serve as a manager or supervisor and be pnysically present on the premises for a substantial amount of time on a daily basis (a minimum of 30 hours per week). This applicant is known as the Responsible Operator Applicant

Find out more about Applicant Qualifications here.

What are the requirements for obtaining a license to sell alcoholic beverages in a restaurant?

There are several different classes of restaurant licenses, each with specific requirements. Find out more about restaurant licenses here.

What is the process to change an officer on an alcoholic beverage license?

The process to change an officer on an alcoholic beverage license is as follows:

For Club (Class C1-C2-C3) Licenses:

  • All Club Licenses are issued to at least 3 officers of the Club.
  • Any time there is a change of officers, a Supplemental Application must be filed, along with a copy of the minutes showing the election/change of officers.  This application must be filed at the time the change occurs.

For a Corporation or Limited Liability Company:

  • A Supplemental Application MAY NOT be used to change the name of the Corporation or Limited Liability Company holding the license.
  • Proper documentation of the change must be submitted with the application.  For more information, please review the checklist available here.

What are the requirements (including inventory) for a Class A1-BWL-Off Sale Only License?

A Class A1-BWL-Off Sale Only license permits the sale of all alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises only.

Holders of this type license shall provide a separate outside entrance for the use of off-sale customers if the majority of retail sales are of items other than alcoholic beverages. Additionally, if the business is predominately one of other types of retail sales, alcoholic beverages shall be displayed and purchased in an area separate and distinct from that of the other retail items.  At the discretion of the Board, partitions may be required.

A minimum stock of $8,000 in alcoholic beverages, based on an average wholesale value, is required to be maintained at all times.

How do I obtain public information from the Liquor Control Board?

Anyone requesting information must complete the Public Informaton Request form, avaialble here.