Alcohol Awareness


All Licensees who are issued a retail alcoholic beverage license in Harford County must be trained through a State approved Alcohol Awareness training program.  This training provides education on the dangers of drinking and driving, and provides instruction on the effects of alcohol on the human body and behavior.

  • A holder of any retail alcoholic beverage license, or an employee designated by the holder, shall complete training in an approved Alcohol Awareness program.
  • The training shall be valid for a period of four (4) years, and the holder shall complete retraining in an approved prgram for each successive four-year period.
  • The Licensee or a person who is employed in a supervisory capacity designated by the Licensee shall be certified by an approved Alcohol Awareness prgram and shall be present during all hours in which alcohol may be sold.
  • Certificates of completion shall be presented to the proper authorities upon request.


Licensees found to be in violation of this law are subject to the following penalties:

  • A $100 fine for the first offense; and
  • A $500 fine and/or suspension or revocation of the alcohol beverage license for any subsequent offenses.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Alcohol Awareness programs, or requirements for licensees in Harford County, please contact us by phone or email. For further training program information, contact the State of Maryland at:

Comptroller of Maryland - MATT Regulatory Division
General information number: 410-260-7314
Toll free: 888-784-0145