Harford County Liquor Control Board puts limit on how many samples a person can have per visit

Posted January 13, 2015 - The recent surge in growler refills and wine, beer and alcohol tastings, coupled with the request from one licensee, prompted the Harford County Liquor Control Board to approve a rule at its Wednesday meeting to limit alcohol tastings to six samples per person, per visit.

Tastings of spirits or cordials will be limited to two per person.

Mike Scheuerman, of Abingdon's Friendship Wine & Liquor, urged the board to establish the rule, explaining it has been difficult to control the number of people lining up at the store's new growler station.

Friendship, as well as several other Harford liquor stores, have been prominently promoting craft beer and growler stations of various sizes.

Friendship's is among the largest and has been the second most popular of the county's 11 growler-approved stores, after only Ronnie's Beverage Warehouse in Forest Hill, liquor inspector Charlie Robbins said.

"It's taking much longer than we anticipated," Scheuerman said about serving the crowds for the samples and growler refills, explaining he wanted more "formal assistance" from the board.

"It's almost become like a happy hour atmosphere," he said, adding he has no interest in running a bar again.

Fidler pointed out that taste buds lose the ability to distinguish flavor differences after the fourth or fifth beer tasting.

"Six is more than adequate," he said about samples.