The former Josef's Country Inn in Fallston set to reopen as Black Forest Taphouse

September 16, 2016 - The former Josef's Country Inn in Fallston is set to reopen in November as a new fine-dining restaurant, the Black Forest Taphouse.

Alex and Dana Theodoropoulos, owners of Fallston Seafood attended the Harford County Liquor Control Board meeting Wednesday, along with licensee Matthew Wharton, to get a new liquor license for Black Forest.

The owners met the $250,000 capital investment requirement needed for the county liquor license and will meet the 60-seat requirement for a restaurant, another requirement for a beer, wine and liquor license, their lawyer, Joseph Snee, told the board.

The restaurant will offer a menu that is "clean and concise, with simple presentation," Dana Theodoropoulos said. "If you have been to Fallston Seafood, you know quality is the standard."

A sample menu presented to the board showed entrees like pork schnitzel cordon rouge and braised lamb, a wide variety of burgers and other items like oysters and mussels.

Snee noted a deck could be added to the back of the building in the future.

Liquor board Chairman Michael Thomson said: "We are very excited that this location will continue to operate and serve the community."